About US

We want to live in a world where individuals apply their hard-earned skills in work that is meaningful and where companies desire to have a positive social and environmental impact.


Therefore, in 2020, Aegir Impact was founded to create a strong impact community, consisting of a network of dedicated individuals and impact-driven organisations who together can scale the positive impact on society and the environment.

Care for your environment, keep our oceans clean!

André is dedicated to aid the development and implementation of biotech circular economy innovations. Always a well-rounded professional, he works in innovation and IT management in several projects and uses these skills to help the Aegir team to scale their impact.

Chris represents Green innovation Group, Sea Shepherd Portugal and Agier Ghost Net-Works. His background is in PR, Business Development and Marketing. Chris is the ultimate networker always trying to connect impact with the world!

Passion is what lead Bence to the field of sustainability and to Aegir Impact. He is the main implementer of the team, turning their thoughts into reality. His background is renewable energy systems, but his creativity comes handy in the impact world as well.

Christopher Storey

André Campos

Bence Rónai

The Team Behind


A sustainable business is the right business

No words for Jorge, he is the best.

Nicholas works to engage with and increase the user base of Aegir Impact. He has experience in the entrepreneurship and startup world, with a background rooted in addressing the impacts of climate change and has worked with several environmental organisations.

Nina is a fantastic superwoman

Nicholas Walker

Jorge Videira

Nina Maar