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"Nothing but praise for the team at Impactstorey! After a fun introduction to the team it was easy and painless to set up a partnership. Within just a couple of weeks Impactstorey had found us a number of interns that have been invaluable in building our organisation. What's more, we are invited to a number of useful events and workshops organised by Chris and the team. What are you waiting for!" 

"Aegir Impact sent us some very high quality inters, very impressed hassle-free, they even screened each applicant before passing them onto us, fast efficient and effective, we will use them again."

"Aegir Impact is an organization that in many ways shares our values and mission. Like the Mirpuri Foundation, they work to build a better world by acting together with organizations, connecting people and helping them with their will to create a more sustainable society. Keep up the good work.."

Matthiew Davies

Mossy Earth


Frederik Van Deurs

Green Innovation Group A/S


Ana Agostinho

Miripuri Foundation 


Aegir Impact is excited to work with diverse and unique partners. Our partners are focused towards creating a meaningful impact and in providing a greener future. How can Aegir ImpactJobs help? We provide our partners with the best-suited individual, tailored toward their needs, whether they require a Digital Marketeer or a Business Developer.


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Are you an impact organization
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Do you need the best back-end developer, driven to create a sustainable future, as soon as possible? or Do you want to recruit dedicated interns to create a real impact? Aegir Impact makes this happen!


We create personalised packages tailored to the company’s needs to foster their growth and to help them further their potential. Get noticed in our network of change-makers; promoted through our social media platforms and/or receive the best candidates for your vacancies pre-filtered, ready to fit in with your team!


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