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About us

At the Equal Food Company, we strive to make all food count. We are on a mission to reduce the absurd amount of food that currently goes to waste (50million tons every year in the European Union). We deliver misfit (small, crooked, discolored) and surplus fruits and vegetables from farmers straight to our customers’ doorstep. We are based in Lisbon and deliver to several municipalities in and around the city. We have grown pretty fast since launching our weekly basket in September (+400% with +400 Equal Foodies) and are looking to build a solid and reliable customer happiness department for our clients to make sure they receive a wonderful service on every single interaction with Equal Food and that all those interactions
feed back into the growth and strategy of the company.

The role in short

We are looking for a kick-ass, Portuguese (or fluent in Portuguese) intern / analyst to become another powerful addition to our team. You should be extroverted, comfortable unders stressful situations and multitasking, passionate about food & reducing food waste and keen to go an extra mile to understand all clients’ needs in a very dynamic business. We also value analytical mindsets that enjoy connecting the dots and finding value where others don’t.
You will spend your day analysing clients’ behaviour, developing new channels and tools to gain customer insights, addressing queries and working very closely with both Operations and Content management teams.

Required skills
● Advanced understanding (can be learned) of hubspot, mailchimp, shopify, wordpress)
● Excellent Portuguese writing skills (concise, witty, engaging) for customer communication and some content creation.
● Knowledge and experience in using Excel or Google Sheets – intermediate formulae and data analytics.
● Preferred
○ CRM skills
○ Illustrator and Photoshop skills
○ Experience in and interest in: recipes, food waste tips, food waste impact
○ Basic video editing skills

● Entrepreneurial drive: We are looking for someone who loves to build from scratch, is customer-centric and with enough business acumen to understand the role of technology at the core of our overarching strategy
● Rapid testing & iteration: Our team moves incredibly fast and you should be able to plan and execute swiftly. You should be excited about experimenting, figuring out how to get things done yourself and failing fast so that we can continuously improve.
● Impact driven: The reason we are all in this is to help reduce excessive amounts of food waste.

Team & other benefits
● You will be part of a talented and experienced team of entrepreneurs (founders with backgrounds in company building and investment banking), employees and and a of freelance collaborators (intern & assistants)
● Flexibility for remote work

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